Mary Jane Mountain Ice

Pain Relieving Muscle Rub with Arnica and CBD

Jessica Arconti is a Registered Clinical Herbalist (AHG), a Clinical Nutritionist and a third year osteopathic medical student. After completing over 1,600 hours of training in clinical herbal medicine, Jessica now teaches herbal medicine and nutrition courses, medicinal plant walks and regularly attends allopathic and alternative medicine conferences. 

Using her knowledge of herbal and allopathic medicine, Jessica specifically designed Mary Jane Mountain Ice to be a sustainable and non-addicting option for pain relief. 

The One Health Healing branch of is a blog dedicated to providing valuable information on functional medicine, herbal medicine, and wilderness conservation.


Thank you for visiting Jessica's site. It is her hope that you find pain relief with MJ Mountain Ice and inspiration in One Health Healing!

One Health. One Planet, One Future. 


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